Privacy Statement

Your data will only be stored on your smartphone and the ILIAS server of your institution. We, the team behind the app, can't view your data, won't store your data, and won't pass it on to any third parties.
By using the app, your data will be collected and processed as follows:

What data do we collect?
• The URL and the name of the ILIAS installation(s) that you use via the app (said information is only stored on your device).
• Username and a token (this information will only be stored on your device and will be used for authentication purposes on your ILIAS installation)
• Your password will NOT be stored on the device. However, the first time you access the app, it is requested and processed directly by the ILIAS server belonging to your institution or its authentication server.
• When using location-based services in the app (e.g. Learning Sites), your GPS location will be requested. Location data won't be stored in the app or submitted to the server. In one Usecase of the Learning Site function, information related to you having visited the respective Learning Site may be submitted to the server in order to release the respective content.
• When leaving a review in the Google app store (Android devices) the following data will be transferred to us: Name and photo (if and when applicable), text and rating, time of the review, the version of the app used when writing the review, and general information on the device (including information regarding CPU, operating system, RAM, screen size).
• Google (Android devices) also provides us with statistical data (number of installations and distribution among various Android versions), without any possibility to trace or identify personal information.
• Google (Android devices) also provides us, with your permission, crash reports with excerpts of the log, including information on the device and software used, without any possibility to trace or identify personal information.
• Apple (iOS devices) provides us with anonymous ratings sorted by country, and reviews with corresponding timestamps. In case of reviews, the username connected to the device will also be submitted.

How is the data stored?
• The data described above will, in part, be transferred and/or stored automatically during the use of the app
• When writing a review in the app store you're asked to provide the rating yourself

What is the data used for?
• Please login to the app on your ILIAS installation in order to check your access authorization. You'll receive a token, which is used to verify any further requests with your device on the ILIAS server. This prevents you from having to repeat the login process when you access the app again, and allows you to see information on ILIAS that has been released for you.
• The statistical data from Google and Apple enables us to provide you with better software. For instance, when we know which operating systems are being used, we can work on introducing new features and new versions. We will also know when to stop supporting outdated operating systems.
• Error messages with information about the device enable us to make software improvements.
• Reviews and ratings provide us with useful feedback that can also be used to improve the software.
• Location data is necessary when you try to access a Learning Site (not available on all ILIAS installations) which may only be displayed when you're in a specific location.

Who has access to the data?
• In case of reviews, ratings and error messages, the studer + raimann ag team will receive the data you provided. This information can also, in part, be discussed with the representatives of the various institutions that offer the ILIAS Pegasus app. When there are no reviews or error messages, the studer + raimann ag team will not receive any information on your use of the app.
• The username and token are stored on your device and, if applicable, (depending on the set-up of your connection) submitted to the ILIAS application of your institution.
• Location data related to your device will be requested and transferred, if applicable, (when using the Learning Sites function) to the ILIAS installation of your institution.

Where is the data stored?
• Username, token and location data are stored on your device and, in part, on the ILIAS server of your institution
• Applications, reviews and error messages are stored on the servers of Google (Android devices) or Apple (iOS devices)  
You have the right of access, rectification, deletion and objection with regard to your personal data. Please contact the respective institution that stores your data. In case of questions, you may also contact our data protection officer:

Martin Studer
fluxlabs ag
Farbweg 9
3400 Burgdorf
Switzerland (Subject: Privacy Protection ILIAS Pegasus App)    


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